Heath Lodge

LB Ealing
Leo Developments Ltd
3 Church Road | London W7 0BB
9 mews houses
43 units/ha
"The separate elements share a distinctive identity and have strong character, creating a sense of place, in accord with the design principles set out in: Better Places to Live."Mary O’Rourke | Appeal InspectorThe Planning Inspectorate
Merging Inside and Outside: Health Lodge Mews is an example of how site limitations can create opportunity and uniqueness. To make efficient use of the 100m long, 20-meter wide backland the 9 x 3bed mews houses are lowered half a floor into the ground, removing the ground floor windows from the eye level zone of passing pedestrians and preventing an overbearing impact on the adjacent 35 neighbouring rear gardens.
The façade maximises outlook while preventing overlooking. A 4.8 meter high entrance hall corresponds to the external volume created by the recessed rear gardens, allowing residents to experience inside and outside as one continuous space.

The geometry of the building is rationalized on a multiple of 7degrees and constructed as a Hybrid Cross Laminated Timber System, lowering construction costs by 20% on the frame and sustainably improve insulation values to Code for Sustainable Homes level 4 standard.