The story of Autor Architecture

We started Autor just before the 2008 crisis hit. To address the sudden need for economic viability, we focussed helping clients to increase site density and prepare developments for cost effective construction.

A decade later the economy has recovered and we have become specialised in maximising economic viability for residential and mixed-use developments. We succeeded by linking our background in German engineering and pre-fabrication with the dynamics of the UK planning system into a dedicated design analysis tool.

Today we have successfully worked across many London boroughs, receiving numerous awards for unlocking complex sites with innovative sustainable designs. We have built a track record for increasing site densities by 14%.

About the founder:


Curriculum Vitae

Frederic specialises in residential architecture since 2000, working for industry-leading practices such as RPA, JCMT and HTA, where he published a research report for cost reduction in housing for the Peabody Housing Trust.

Working at management level for AJ100 top UK firm WestonWilliamson he helped to grow the housing department from 5 to 22 people and designing a Housing Design Award before setting up Autor ltd in 2008.

With a dozen awards and publications in the field of cost reduction in housing, passive house design and a patent in prefabrication as well as music production for Sony and DeBeers, his career reflects his ability for exploring the rational and poetic dimensions of architecture, which ultimately inform Autors design philosophy.


Frederic studied architecture at the University of Technology Darmstadt / Frankfurt in 1999, specialising in prefabrication and passive house technology and attaining additional bachelor degrees in engineering and urban design.

With two scholarship awards and workshops in LA and Tokyo he attained a Masters in Architectural Design at the UCL – Bartlett School of Architecture London, under the lead of Sir Peter Cook of the 1960s’ architectural avant-garde group ‘Archigram’.

In parallel with his professional career, Frederic followed his passion for electronic music, producing music for Sony and DeBeers Diamonds in 2005. He set up Autor after realising that he wasn’t going to be the next Jean Michel Jarre and abandoning early promise as a producer. Nevertheless, he likes to think that his passion for electronic music informs his designs today.