“Air Rights and Upward Development in London”


“Air Rights and Upward Development in London”

20 May 2019

We were recently invited to talk at Chelgate Local’s event on the impact of Air Rights and Upward Development in London. It has been estimated that in London alone enough airspace above existing retail developments exists to create 150,000 new homes.

During the presentation we explained how one of our schemes in Harrow gained planning for an extra floor by analysing the local context, resulting in the council adopting new local policy which changed the maximum development height for the entire area from four to five storeys. It is in these ‘small sites’ where a thorough understanding of context has potential to unlock greater efficiencies and make best use in light of multiple constraints.

Many thanks to Chelgate local for hosting the event, and to our co-speakers Cllr Tony Devenish from Westminster City Council, Val Bagnall from ApexAirSpace London and Neil Osborne from DLP Planning London.