HDA Shortlisting – From Water to Density


HDA Shortlisting – From Water to Density

11 Apr 2019

Very delighted to have our scheme at Preston Road, Brent, shortlisted for the Housing Design Awards 2019. We hear it is the first HDA project to successfully use Geomancy, usually used to find oil or water, as a driver to produce an increased density and site harmony.

The sites main energy field was recognised as that of water. The hexagonal structure of water crystals at a wave length of 13cm produced an architectural grid fitting perfectly onto the site and its constraints. This created a building of various intersecting and undulating volumes, inherently merging with the site’s natural context. The stepped design gives rise to a series of large planted terraces and angled windows angled towards the park, creating rich and dynamic spaces for residents.

The new London Plan makes clear that small sites have an increasing role to play in meeting London’s housing need. Our Urban Story Approach leads us to develop design from local heritage, in this case Geomancy and earth frequency, which was an amazing experience! It has enabled a 30% increase in density compared to a previously approved scheme, but within the same building height and whilst providing an architecture that is inherently linked with its context.