Awards and Publications

Inherently relating to its originating context and community our designs provide remarkable levels or urban design integration, architectural integrety and structural efficiency.

Autor ltd is a RIBA Chartered Practice.

Our awards span across the sectors:
Cost Reduction in Construction, Prefabrication & Sustainability.

Awards and Shortlistings

2017 New London Awards – Shortlist
41 Haven Green London, 31 unit scheme, LB Ealing

2017 Housing Design Awards – Shortlist
225-231 Streatham Road,  25 unit scheme, LB Mitcham

2016 Building Awards – Shortlist
3 Church Road, 29 unit scheme, LB Ealing

2016 Brick Awards – Shortlist
3 Church Road, 29 unit scheme, LB Ealing

2016 Structural Timber Awards – Shortlist
3 Church Road, 29 unit scheme, LB Ealing

2016 Housing Design Awards – Shortlist
1 Greenhill Way, private 42 bedroom house, LB Harrow

2014 New London Awards – Winner
119 Junction Road, private 3 bedroom house, LB Islington

2012 Housing Design Awards – Shortlist 
3 Church Road, 29 unit scheme, LB Ealing

2009 Housing Design Awards – Winner
Gwender Road, 14 residentional units, LB Hammersmith & Fulham. In 2007, employed at WestonWilliamson, Frederic was the project architect of the scheme that later won the housing design award.

Project Publications

2017 Architectum
publication on our scheme ‘Heath Lodge’.

2015 adf architects datafile
publication on our scheme at 3 Church Road, London.


Flood Design

2007 RIBA Publication
Design Study for building in the flood plane, developed for and on behalf of KCA is published in ‘Visions of a flooded Future’.

2006 Flood Design Study
for future cities is presented by KCA at the ‘London a port city’ conference sponsored by CABE, the Thames Gateway Development Corporation and the PLA.


2003 HOMES Magazine
publishes prefabricated facade design as cover story.

2000 4th prize
with prefabricated steel system in international competition for innovative housing design in Chemnitz / Germany.

1999 Exhibition
of prefabricated timber system MOKON at Dresdner Bank Darmstadt / Germany.

1999 Temporary patent
for prefabricated timber system MOKON.

1998 2nd round
in international competition for cost reduction in housing. 31 Designs are selected from 314 by the city of Chemnitz.

Zero Energy Housing

2000 1st prize
in IVPU Architecture Award with innovative zero energy scheme ‘Wind Channel House’.

1999 3rd Prize
in the German Wertbau Award with innovative zero energy house design.

1999 Exhibition of zero energy house
‘The Cube’ at Dresdner Bank Darmstadt / Germany.

Germany exhibits zero energy house ‘The Cube’ as innovative design solution.