North End Hotel

LB Hammersmith & Fulham
103 rooms hotel | 4,700 sqft retail
In planning
Complementing tradition:¬†Autor’s design for a new hotel on famous North End Road creates a building that mediates between the past and the present busy-ness and tranquility.

The hotel is planned for the local bustling High Street, home to a popular market for over 100 years. The neighbouring villa is a remarkable decorate structure from the 19th-century and also notable for being set back from the line of the street. The result is a small “corner square”, familiar to locals.

In laying out the hotel, Autor saw an opportunity to harmoniously link the villa, the corner square and the new building into a tranquil ensemble. We drew deeply upon our principles of generating the intervention from the underlying geometry of its setting; a grid emerged by working with rather than against the constraints of the site.

This enabled an efficient room organisation around three light wells which reach 10 meters into ground, serving 100% of the rooms with natural light and ventilation, including the sub terrain accommodation. Equipped with a green roof, the ecological efficient building produces 20% of its required energy demand on site.