The Autor Urban Story Approach

Urban Story Architecture

Building is being authors of the future, hence our name. The buildings we create will shape the urban landscape for decades and sometimes centuries to come. As places where people will live and work, we want our buildings to be in-tune with their surroundings. To shape the future of a place we start in the past, creating architecture that tells the story every site has to tell. Digging deeper into context achieves higher results, providing homes with a strong sense of place and identity.


Design Integration

It is the fundamental organising relationships that lie at the heart of any great story or design. Merging the poetic with the pragmatic we use the universal language of geometry to seek out the optimum relationship between urban design, architecture and construction. As a result, our buildings become a sculptural expression of the context they originate from. Integrated into the site they provide clients with remarkable levels of urban design integration, architectural integrity and structural efficiency.

Team Communication

Architecture is a communal effort. Naturally thinking in relationships, we offer clients an objective and parameter driven design process. Providing the design team with a measurable decision matrix, the Autor Story Grids expose hidden potential. Over the past ten years good communication resulted in 94.7% planning success with above average site density.



Construction Efficiency

The geometric nature of our approach naturally aligns planning and construction parameters. Parametrically linking analysis, idea and building form allows easy adaptation to Modern Methods of Construction and Prefabrication. This allows economic viability optimisation well beyond standard value engineering techniques, producing 14% higher densities or in some cases 28% savings in construction cost.

Geometric Analysis:

Diagram 01_PESTLE

Development Synergy

The Autor Story Grid:

Makes unviable sites viable.

The story of three churches creates a four storey building in a two storey residential area against 22 reasons for refusal. The project is later shortlisted for four housing design awards, including best UK building.

Church Road: read more


Succeeds where others had failed for 7 years.

The story of a missing puzzle piece leads to an approval as submitted, where others had failed for seven years.

Wood Street: read more

Reshapes local planning policy.

The story created with the local Area Action Plan leads to a change in draft planning policy, allowing an extra floor for an entire road.

Station Road: read more