Autor seek out the story of a site with its soul, spirit and beauty.

Combining the poetic with the rational Autor has developed its very own planning design tool to systematically establish the optimum link between the layers of urban design, architecture and construction.

Inherently relating to its originating context and community our designs provide remarkable levels of urban design integration, architectural integrity and structural efficiency.

Using a combination of logic and geometry we provide clients with an objective and parameter driven design process.

The parametric nature of our approach allows easy adaptation to BIM and Prefabrication, achieving cost savings well beyond standard engineering procedures.

Strategic Analysis

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Linked Analysis

Our approach in practice:

Making an unviable site viable.

The scheme on Church Road in Ealing was labelled and deemed as site that is too complex by the Ealing council and local residents. Using the ‘geometric DNA’ we identified the sites constraints as the key parameters for its success.

It enabled 98% utilisation of the total developable area, convincing against 48 reasons for refusal. Read more about Church Road click here.


Identifying the missing puzzle piece.

After a series of failed attempts over a period of seven years, our first scheme application for Wood Street was granted planning permission as submitted.

The site was unlocked by designing the scheme as a missing puzzle piece to an outside London settlement. Read more about Wood Street click here.

Reshaping local planning policy.

The identity of the Station Road site is linked to the Area Action Plan (AAP). Developing a master plan not only for the site but the wider urban area inspired authorities to raise the policy building height by one floor for the entire road and increasing the overall value and density of the site. Read more about Station Road click here.