Dudden Hill Lane

The Warehouse-Houses

The story of a former warehouse inspires a new interlocking house type resulting in a 100% site cover.

9 units + 1730 sqft
88 units/ha

Added value

2 houses extra / £1.5m gdv

"The proposal shows a clever way of maximizing the potential of a site and at the same time providing good quality residential layouts."

Neighboring resident LB Brent | Consultation Report


This sites history as light industrial warehouse posed the question; How could one live in an existing warehouse volume redefined as living space? The result is a new house type and 100% site cover that can be used for many low rise back land sites in line with the emerging London plan.

The scheme responds to two distinct urban conditions, a front element facing the high road and a rear element surrounded by residential back gardens. The street facing portion of the scheme provides a terrace centre piece along Dudden Hill Lane, re-interpreting the Victorian terrace and forming a strong mid terrace piece, preluding the courtyard houses behind.The back land element provides a series of sculptural interlocking duplex courtyard houses redefining the form of the previous warehouse shell. Subtractions to the original form are made to provide light and terraces. These two responses are linked by an axial shared access way set up as a series of interesting open muse spaces to provide daylight and ventilation.

The scheme’s intimate warehouse typology creates spatially interesting courtyard houses. Bedrooms located on the ground floor surround an enclosed courtyard, whilst the 1st floor living spaces span across the entire site, opening out onto large terraces with a visual link to the courtyards below. Stair and bedrooms are provided with extra top lights, while the entrance halls are opaque glazed to show who is at home and animating the central axis.

Inside and outside spaces are merged, maximizing outlook and minimizing overlooking. The pitched roof across the site is set out to comply with the BRE 2m 45 degree angle rule. Consequently the generously proportioned living rooms show a rising ceiling to create openness with large rooflights and sliding doors. Corten Steel planters ensure that no overlooking occurs from and to the existing neighbouring terraces.

Dudden Hill Lane