Church Road

LB Ealing
TVHA - Thames Valley Housing Trust
3 Church Road London W7 0BB
20 units | private/affordable
94 units/ha
"My overall impression is of a high quality design that is a specific, well thought response to the numerous constraints of a very difficult site and succeeds in creating attractive buildings, that have a strong character..."Juliana Conde | Urban Design OfficerLondon Borough of Ealing
The three Churches Axis: This scheme was shortlisted for the Housing Design Awards 2012 for its intelligent use of a complex corner site and innovative urban design.

The design made an unviable site viable by connecting two significant parallel routes into London. At four storeys the prominent corner building orients itself with three existing churches in close vicinity. This creates an axis of nodal raised buildings spanning between the high-rise views of the new 21st century vector Cross Rail and the town centers on the Uxbridge Road, an ancient Roman route.

The buildable site area is reduced to 35% by a complex set of constraints. The design blueprint is based on the geometry of three staggered rhombi that are stepped in plan and elevation to accommodate the existing protected trees and to create a series of ‘retreat’ amenity spaces and roof terraces that inform the green character of the area.

The Code 4 scheme passed through planning against 25 reasons of concern, being characterised by the Borough’s Urban Design officer as ‘a high quality design that is a well-thought [out] response to the numerous constraints of a very difficult site”.