Ealing Park Tavern

9 units + 4300 sqft commercial
71 units/ha

Added value

3 units extra/ 1.1m gdv

The Ealing Park Tavern is a prominent and locally-important public house located on a corner opposite Clayponds Gardens. By redeveloping the site and adding sensitively-designed contemporary architecture, it is possible to bring the pub back into use for the local community and provide much-needed housing for the area.

Built in 1885, the pub has since become an amalgamation of uninteresting additions, many of which do little to add to the character of the original tavern. Autor Architecture has therefore proposed clearing away the twentieth-century extensions and instead create a unified development by replicating the existing bays and gables – linking the pub and its adjoining stable building. The form and materials of these new elements have been carefully selected to match the existing Arts & Crafts building but provide a modern interpretation, with appropriate bricks used as well as refined black metal detailing.

The nine new flats are spread out across the new and old building, with dual aspect orientations and generous areas above the GLA standards for London. Importantly, the pub garden will be retained as a key community asset and the residents will enjoy their own private courtyard spaces. Overall, the project will enhance this important building in Ealing and strengthen its role in local life.