Ferry Wharf

51 units + 6640 sqft retail
264 units/ha

The undulating form of this riverside development mimics the patterns on the water created by the rowing boats that cruise past. This complex scheme is part of a much larger strategy to connect two banks of the Thames in southwest London and create housing in a flood zone.

It was incredibly important for this project to be focused on the needs of the local community and the ways they need to access their picturesque surroundings. A single building has been broken down into three residential blocks to reduce their impact. These are staggered to take advantage of a site that protrudes out into the river, with space for a boat club and restaurant in the lower levels, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere along the water’s edge.

The mixed-use development was created in tandem with a proposal for a new pedestrian bridge, designed by Grimshaw Architects, that will connect all local residents to Kew Gardens on the other side of the river. The Thames provides a beautiful setting but also a barrier to access one of London’s most beautiful parks and gardens. The overall vision for these residences will see a marked improvement to the whole area and the wider urban experience, connecting home and leisure activities.