Finchley Road

The Moroccan Window

The principle of the Moroccan window inspires living space in an underutilised urban gap, whilst mitigating noise, pollution & privacy.

4bed house


Like a painting brightening up a wall, this five-metre slim, five-storey private house was conceived as a piece of art that enlivens the grey flank of its neighbouring six-storey office building.

Fronting one of the busiest routes into London the architecture is inspired by the principle of the ‘Moroccan Window’, which, due to the small size of the mesh, allows easy views from the inside to the outside but not vice versa.

Designed in collaboration with Berlin-based artist Michael Taubenheim, the facade interprets the principle of the ‘Moroccan Window’ with a technique of laying across stripes of Japanese plate gold to create a random, yet organized pattern in which two pattern edges are always parallel. The resulting openings are used for windows, air filters and solar panels.

This highly sustainable Code 4 scheme demonstrates how architecture and art can merge to successfully respond to its historical and urban context as well as the physical conditions of the site defying noise, pollution and overlooking of neighbouring properties.


Finchley Road