Greenhill Way

42 units
202 units/ha

Added value

4 units extra / £1.8m gdv

"In light of what you pointed out we know you will detail to a very high standard and officers will be supportive of the scheme."

Callum Sayers | Area Team Leader | LB Harrow

The Greenhill family connect this area to a small dilapidated castle, which has formed the inspiration for a new residential development. The geometric, crenellated blocks of the five-storey scheme rise up like fortifications but then the pixelated brickwork disrupts the façade, creating the impression of a crumbling stone ruin.

42 apartments have been created within a high-density proposal, located on the site an old, underused car park. Other projects suggested for this plot were rejected and the key to Autor’s success was the suggestion to down the monolithic façade into a series of more expressive bays that are stepped to follow the curvature of the road. Dark brickwork and Cor-Ten steel panels are combined with lush landscaping at ground level and on a series of roof gardens. This creates a rich palette of materials and environments for residents and neighbours to enjoy.

The regular building grid has been designed to allow for a CLT construction process that will ensure a quick and efficient delivery of the final development. This structural system has been developed by the design team to create freedom when positioning brick patterns and windows so that the exterior remains visually dynamic.