Greenhill Way

Brick, Light & Time

The Greenhill castle inspires a design at a height & density, others were dismissed at appeal twice before for overbearing impact.

42 units
202 units/ha

Added value

4 units extra / £1.8m gdv

"In light of what you pointed out we know you will detail to a very high standard and officers will be supportive of the scheme."

Callum Sayers | Area Team Leader | LB Harrow


The five-storey, 42 unit residential development at Greenhill Way was granted planning despite two appeals by others previously being dismissed at the same height and density due to overbearing impact.

Shortlisted for the Housing Design Award 2016 the scheme is recognised for its successful urban design, preparation for cost-effective construction and improvement of the urban realm.

The building is stepped breaking its mass into smaller volumes that correspond both with the residential as well as the urban character of the area.

Different brick patterns further enhance the sculptural composition, while at the same time keeping the building vertically aligned for cost-effective construction and the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Greenhill Way