Gwender Road

LB Hammersmith & Fulham
Network Housing Group
1-16 Gwender Road | W14
14 units | private / affordable
138 units/ha
Completed by others
Employed at WestonWilliamson Architects, Frederic Akuffo was the designer for the initial version of this complex residential development. WestonWilliamson was later awarded the Housing Design Award 2009 with a further developed design.
Between quiet and loud: Frederick Akuffo was the project architect of the award-winning Gwender Road project, whilst working with design director Steve Humphreys at WestonWilliamson Architects in 2007.

The residential development is located on a slim strip of land sandwiched between quiet back gardens, which can’t be overlooked and a busy dual carriageway that no one would want to overlook. The solution to this paradox came from a local design typology.

Designed by Victorian architect Frank Wheeler, the Studios for Gentlemen Artists opposite the site, have generous floor to ceiling heights and top-lit rooms. These became the inspiration for providing generous 4-metre high living spaces that compensate for the lack of amenity space.

The bespoke facade maximizes outlook and privacy utilizing large, angled perforated fins that prevent direct light coming in from passing cars at night. Arranged on a modular grid the scheme provides eight two-storey duplex units above eight single-storey ground floor units.