High Road

30 units + 1480 sqft
180 units/ha

Added value

9 units extra / £4m gdv

Sat within the Willesden Green conservation area, a former police station has been transformed into a new housing development that responds to the architectural history that surrounds it and binds a number of varying styles together. The aesthetic of two large churches, an Islamic Centre and the station itself are combined and reinterpreted into a bold contemporary design that creates an important sense of place for the local community.

Located on a prominent corner site, two walls of the former police station will be preserved to retain an important element of the heritage of the area. Behind this a series of steeply pitched roofs echo the local residential architecture but they are scaled up to match the nearby churches and therefore act as a transition between the two different building types. The facades are folded so that the development is aligned to existing buildings on both the High Road and Huddlestone Road. Windows are made up of rectangular and arched openings to reflect the Islamic Centre opposite, while a red brick was used to match the stock manufactured by George Furness’ local Willesden brick factory.

A public green space will be created at the front of the development and a peaceful garden for residents at the rear. Two existing trees will be preserved while more will be planted to ensure a green and pleasant landscape is fostered. The elevations at the back have been designed with great care, to clearly articulate that this aspect is just as important as the front and encourage a communal living experience.