Junction Road

1x3 bed house

Added value

2 hbr extra / £0.5m gdv

"Working with the site’s geometry the clever, sensitive, yet contemporary design is generously worked into a tight space."

Peter Murray | Chair NLA - New London Architecture

Tucked into a 98 sqm trapezoidal plot in the St John’s Grove Conservation Area, the design of this private house responds to the existing geometry of the site and the array of constraints brought about by the proximity to neighbouring properties. Autor developed a solution that was based on a series of tiered volumes that shift as you move up from the building and intelligently wrap around the available space.

Privacy for the owners and overlooking is carefully managed thanks to a careful arrangement of windows at strategic points across the façade, with a street-facing wall that acts as a screen. Windows on the south-facing side of the building provide views out to a courtyard garden, that has been created at the rear of the house, with skylights used to bring further natural light into the top-level rooms.

The internal layouts have been sculpted to make the most of the available space within a tight site, with a double-height space created as occupants descend to the main living area. The clever use of geometry and understanding of the local context was praised by the judges of the New London Awards.