Junction Road

The Cinderella Site

A design for a derelict site wins at appeal as the spearhead of an axis of award winning mews developments.

1x3 bed house

Added value

2 hbr extra / £0.5m gdv

"Working with the site’s geometry the clever, sensitive, yet contemporary design is generously worked into a tight space."

Peter Murray | Chair NLA - New London Architecture


This award-winning house turned an unloved site into the spearhead of an existing axis of award-winning mews developments.Underneath the derelict and unloved site often used by fly-tippers, a crown was hidden.

Urban design analysis showed the site was actually at the top of a spine running north of award-winning mews developments on similar formerly derelict plots. With some intelligent handling the bin would become a crown.

The scheme maximises south-facing views across the existing green, while minimising overlooking of the neighbourhood properties. The geometry of the architecture is generated from its context creating a sustainable and urbanistically-sensitive design that inherently reflects its place.

The award was won for the innovative spaces created within the limited volume. The floor plan is efficiently organized across two levels and uses the roof as well as the facade to provide openings to provide a well-lit interior.

Junction Road