New Broadway

The Crown of Ealing

A heritage-sensitive addition of 2 floors above a listed facade successfully prevails in a CPO inquiry against LS.

86 units + 8000 sqft retail
209 units/ha

Added value

2 units extra / £1.2m gdv

"The NLA has published the project as a good example for the re-intensification of outer London town centers."

NLA Publishing


This project starts with a mid-size development brief and evolves towards an urban proposal for an important backland site within Ealing Centre Conservation Area and an improved alternative to the current masterplan of the Filmworks redevelopment.

The scheme itself comprises the refurbishment of an existing building with a large frontage of heritage value facing New Broadway, and the redevelopment of its rear, currently occupied by derelict structures used as storage and services for the retail units.  The resulting proposal successfully creates green spaces that clear up the rear alleyways and connect the new and old structures with the street.  The retail units also get extended and optimised to boost commercial activity on the high street.

New Broadway