New Broadway

86 units + 8000 sqft retail
209 units/ha

Added value

2 units extra / £1.2m gdv

"The NLA has published the project as a good example for the re-intensification of outer London town centers."

NLA Publishing

New Broadway is a five-storey shopping strip in Ealing that also acts as an important heritage asset to the local area. Autor has proposed the retention and upgrading of the existing building, alongside the creation of a new residential block behind. Arranged on a perpendicular axis to the original block, the contemporary architectural intervention will allow for the clearing of derelict structures at the rear and provide green spaces within a tough backland urban site.

High-quality homes will be created in the new-build, which has been formed in a Base and Crown arrangement. The lower level base will be wrapped in brick facades with a regular grid of windows, organised to reflect the New Broadway building. The upper crown level features a series of vertical fins that echo the surrounding built landscape of tall, thin church spires. These metal-clad floors represent a modern interpretation of the traditional mansard roof aesthetic that is ubiquitous in British cities.

The raised decks that have been created on either side of the residential building provide much-needed outside space in a particularly built-up part of West London. They will include private gardens for the residents and help foster a communal atmosphere for the development.