Northolt Road

6 units + 1450 sqft
162 units/ha

Added value

4 units extra / £1.3m gdv

"The proposed would provide a high quality development and is considered to result in an efficient and effective use of the site."

Committee Report | LB Harrow

Located at the juncture of a railway line and a high street, this proposed scheme utilises the sharp angles of its site and develops a language for a prominent marker in the local area. Echoing the movement of the trains behind, the building steps in a series of sculptural lines that wrap around the facades. Large, angled window surrounds and balconies are created by taking advantage of the building’s unusual form.

With a café located at the base of the project, the current parade of shops will be extended further along the road, with a lively and active corner plot. This is joined by a pedestrian route that links to Northolt Park Station and the two combined will make for a safe and secure zone thanks to passive surveillance.

Proximity to the station provides an argument for increased density, as is common in such suburban areas. However, the visually dynamic proposal, coupled with extended pavement space, meant that the scheme received planning permission with two additional floors above the pre-application advice.

This scheme makes the most of a small site to create a significant proposal that will enliven the area and provide a new signifier that embraces the surrounding context.