Preston Road

35 units
170 units/ha

Added value

10 units extra / £4.5 gdv

"Autor are that rare architect that combine innovative vision with the precision required to navigate the complexities of planning."

Rakesh Desai | CEO | Northwood Estates

This residential development in Brent is conceived as a group of hexagons that overlap and intersect with one another. The resulting building fits neatly into the L-shaped site and delivers a 30% increase in density when compared with the previously approved proposal.

The hexagonal form is derived from Autor Architecture’s work with a Geomant, who collaborated with the architect Daniel Libeskind on the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Geomancy involves the study of the earth and is sometimes connected to the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, especially when it comes to the organisation of buildings. The spiritual advice about the required energy levels of the site led to the development of a practical design solution based on the crystalline structure of water. This helped unlock the plot and allowed for the creation of balconies and terraces that are wrapped with Corten steel to highlight them across the exterior of the building.

The unusual geometry of the outside is brought into the floorplans, with staircases and corridors offering glimpses of the hexagonal concept. The rest of the internal spaces are rationalised to continue Autor Architecture’s practice of creating efficiencies in construction. The residents are afforded framed views out to the park thanks to the angled facades of the building.