Station Road

26 units + 7000 sqft
283 units/ha

Added value

5 units extra / £2.2m gdv

"Officers consider the scheme exemplary development encouraging future developments to review this application."

Fergal O’Donnell | Area Team Leader | LB Harrow

Replacing a Burking King on Station Road in Harrow, this scheme demonstrated the power of working closely with a local authority to shift ideas of what is possible on a difficult and busy site. A careful study of the local area and a masterplan devised for the surrounding streetscape enabled a height and density that were otherwise considered impossible, reshaping the local planning policy.

By breaking this development into two linked blocks of different heights, Autor has managed to create five apartments that hang off a single core. This provides an 82% floorplan efficiency with the added benefit that every residence is dual aspect.

Internally, the floors are arranged along a clear grid, which mimics the structure of a burger and can be seen as a reference to the previous occupant of the site. The real reason for doing this is to develop a rational build process, ensuring the building is prepared for cost-effective Modern Methods of Construction.

The non-continuous façade with deep recesses reduces the impact on the surroundings and demonstrated a level of design quality to the planners and therefore award the building an extra floor above the local recommendation.