Station Road

The Policy Changer

Working with the AAP team led to a change in draft planning policy, increasing the height for an entire road by one floor.

26 units + 7000 sqft
283 units/ha

Added value

5 units extra / £2.2m gdv

"Officers consider the scheme exemplary development encouraging future developments to review this application."

Fergal O’Donnell | Area Team Leader | LB Harrow


This scheme is a case study on how a productive working relationship between the local planning authority and design team can effectively add value to a site and ultimately reshape local planning policy.

Developing a master plan not only for the site but the wider urban area inspired a productive relationship with GLA and Area Action Plan team, effectively raising the policy building height by one floor for the entire road and increasing the overall value and density of the site.

The floor plan layout – based on the arrangement of 5 units around a single core – provides an 82% floor plan efficiency and 100% dual aspect units.

The building follows a geometric design blueprint that links structural grid, floor plan functionality and urban design while preparing for Modern Methods of construction through Dimension Driven Design.

Station Road