Strode Road

The sign makers' Story

Retained elements of a former sign-maker's factory give historic character to modern warehouse-style living, one floor above pre-application advice.

15 units + 680 sqft retail
103 units/ha

Added value

3 units extra / £1.7m gdv


An existing heritage wall and historic vitreous enamelling factory inspired us to investigate how a sites story can infuse the everyday experience of living in a place with the spirit of what once existed.

The scheme references itself to its urban context in its rhythm, layout and heights whilst referencing the fenestration of a retained unlisted but high-quality historical factory entrance and wall so that those living within the development can ‘feel’ the history of their site within a reinterpretation of warehouse style living.

The scheme also features row of duplex courtyard houses which inspired by a recently emerged London housing typology to make best use of the back land portion of the site, however this submission will be focusing on the street facing portion of the scheme primarily.

The massing of the street facing building is split into three distinct East-West ‘zones’ to respond to the line of Victorian terraces houses, gardens and the line of back land infill development. These are defined using gables referencing the scale of those appearing on the neighbouring historical building to ‘bookend’ each façade section. Along the West façade a series of gables referencing the rhythm of the Victorian terraces are used. The fenestration layout references the setting out of the existing historical wall and uses crittal windows to continue the warehouse typology aesthetic.

The massing of the street facing portion of the building uses the contexts existing urban angles to sculpt out the facades rhythm.

On the street facing building the existing historical wall’s windows are re-animated by high level windows servicing residential spaces. The windows above the existing wall serve dual aspect rooms  and two cores are used to provide a sense of ownership and safety.

The existing entrance of the historical wall is repurposed to create a new main entrance through to a shared courtyard and bicycle storage area which then continues along a strong axial passage to duplex courtyard houses behind. These align with the massing of a historical warehouse that used to occupy the back land portion of the site and use details such as the crittal windows of the street facing building to continue the warehouse atmosphere.

Strode Road