Wood Street

The Missing Puzzle Piece

The story of a missing puzzle piece leads to an approval as submitted, where two other teams had failed for 7 years.

14 units + 1380 sqft retail
92 units/ha

Added value

4 units extra / £1.9m gdv

"Your Design & Access Statement was one of the clearest I have reviewed in some time. I wish you every success."

Matt Murphy | Senior Officer GLA - Greater London Authority


The scheme was granted planning permission as submitted – following three failed attempts by others over a period of seven years.

The site was unlocked by designing the scheme as a missing puzzle piece to an outside London settlement.

By absorbing the awkward angles of the former timber yard, the three new buildings create four new rectangular courtyards that mediate between the amorphous ancient and the geometric industrial pattern of the area.

The scheme’s design blueprint inherently links the Code for Sustainable Homes 4 scheme into its context, providing openness and green areas to the South and being closed to the North to minimize energy loss and prevent overlooking of neighbouring properties.

Wood Street