Fluid System

Reducing construction cost

Innovative usage of fluid to simplify and reduce costs in construction processes


To reduce construction costs and complexity, Autor partners with Fluid Structures, an innovative engineering practice who share Autors conviction to keep construction processes as simple as possible. 

Examples of cost efficient construction methods:

– Piled rafts are used instead of ground beams and pile caps. This saves on sequencing as it reduces the number of steps required to get to slab level. It also reduces costs as no need to shutters beams or pile caps.

This method speeds up on site programming and allows the superstructure to proceed at the same time as the substructure works.

– For schemes with restricted headroom to provide large spans, wide steel compound beams can be used, creating column free space.

– With design capping beam, temporary work props across the excavated area can be avoided, allowing much easier access and excavation at the basement.