We specialise in economic viability maximisation for residential developments.


  • Full architectural services
  • Urban design & Master planning
  • Prefabrication, Flood & Passive House Design

Planning Success: Using our own planning design tool we create architecture that inherently reflects its originating context and community, while preparing a scheme for cost effective construction.

14 % Higher Densities: We provide clients with 14% above the average site densities by systematically establishing the optimum link between urban design integration, architectural functionality and structural efficiency.

Cost Effective Construction: As experts in pre-fabrication and passive house design we prepare all our schemes for cost effective construction and low carbon footprints.

What planners say about us:

We create a distinctive identity

“The separate elements share a distinctive identity and have strong character, creating a sense of place, in accord with the design principles set out in: Better Places to Live.“

Mary O’Rourke
Inspector | The Planning Inspectorate

We provide the clearest applications

“Your Design & Access Statement provided was one of the clearest I have reviewed in some time… I wish you every success and hope your client has been encouraged in their choice of architect.“

Matt Murphy
Senior Design Advisor | Greater London Authority-GLA

We design clever and sensitive spaces

“Working with the geometry of the site the clever, sensitive, yet contemporary design is generously worked into a tight space, creating some very interesting spaces…”

Peter Murray
Chairman | New London Architecture