HDA Shortlisting – Dudden Hill Green


HDA Shortlisting – Dudden Hill Green

11 Apr 2019

Very delighted to have our scheme at Dudden Hill, Brent, shortlisted for the Housing Design Awards 2019. This sites former light industrial warehouse and dairy posed the question: How could one live in an existing warehouse volume redefined as living space? The result is a new 3bed house typology providing a 100% site cover and making best use of a back land site in line with the new London plan and the sustainable use of small sites.

The architectural salvage yard is transformed into a comprehensive green roof for the enjoyment of neighbouring residents. The interlocking courtyard duplex houses merge inside and outside spaces, providing longer views across the site than with standard house types. Bedrooms located on the ground floor surround an enclosed courtyard, whilst living spaces are elevated and open out onto large terraces visually linked to the courtyards below.

Our Urban Story Approach leads us to develop design from local heritage, in this case the inspiration of a ware house shell, also greatly covered by photographer Christian Richter. The result became a new green clearing and oasis.