The Autor Story Approach is motivated by a search for relationships that bind and unify.

Using the visual language of geometry to link the poetic with the practical layers of design, we offer an objective and parameter-driven design process.

In-tune with its surroundings our designs become a sculptural expression of the context they originate from, providing clients with outstanding levels of urban design integration, architectural efficiency and cost-effective construction.

“Over the past 10 years 38 of our 40 projects succeed with one or more floors (+¬£38m in GDV) above pre-application or planning advice.”

Our 4 Step Approach


RIBA 1: Analysis

We find extra value by making design briefs geometrically visible, providing clients with an objective design and parameter driven process.


RIBA 2: Purpose

Every project is a new chapter in a site’s story. We turn these stories into futures, creating architecture that is in-tune with its place & community.


RIBA 3-4: Design

As a sculptural expression of their context, our buildings provide outstanding levels of urban design integration and architectural efficiency.


RIBA 5-8: Construction

The geometric nature of our approach allows easy optimisation to Modern Methods of Construction and prefabrication.

We think in relationships

We have spent ten years combining our background in German engineering with the dynamics of the UK planning system into an efficiency driven design tool.

We turn constraints into opportunities by simultaneously optimising planning and construction parameters and creating architecture that inherently relates to its context and community.

This provides high planning success rates with remarkable levels of urban design integration, architectural functionality and construction efficiency.

The parametric nature of our approach exposes different layers of a site and provides easy adaptation to BIM and Dimension Driven Design. This is the basis for an objective decision making process.