“Applying the Small Sites Policy”


“Applying the Small Sites Policy”

11 Jul 2019

We recently participated in the Small Sites debate hosted by Urban Design London. We discussed how small sites targets in the draft New London Plan can be met with current planning policy and planning processes.

Attended by many London boroughs, the session highlighted the gap between current planning policy and the bespoke nature of small sites between 10 and 60 units. With small sites set to satisfy 25% of London’s housing demands planners, developers and design teams are challenged to find new ways of working together more closely to reach these targets.

Delegates loved the practical insight we provided in identifying and developing small sites. Our track record to date has resulted in a 14% increase in clients anticipated development areas. If scaled up, this increase could really benefit the delivery of homes on small sites in London.

Some quotes from the day:

“The presentation and discussion were really informative and provided information that applies to my everyday work”.

“Frederic’s presentation was particularly interesting: I’d appreciate the opportunity to visit some of Autor’s homes”.

Many thanks to Esther and Rachel from Urban Design London as well as Brick by Brick and TROY Planning. If you are interested in joining in the small site discussion, please get in contact.