Camberwell Road

150 units + 14900 sqft retail
457 units/ha

This project in Camberwell represents a wider case study for urban densification, looking at the precedents set-up at a macro city level. It imagines an urban ribbon that runs through Southwark, from the regenerated South Bank through Elephant & Castle and leading on to Camberwell. The area desperately needs more homes and investment to help it grow and catch up with neighbouring parts of the borough.

Autor undertook a detailed analysis of the area around 123-132 Camberwell Road and found an interesting mix of low-rise and larger buildings. Also, a number of projects at various stages of the planning process were found to be located near the site, clearly demonstrating that the area is due for widespread growth.

A variety of layouts were explored for the square site of the proposed project and an H-shape was the preferred option as it resolved issues around massing, while maximising the development of available land. The height of the building aligns within the aforementioned intensification spine in Southwark. A series of stepped blocks allow for rooftop gardens, to accompany the courtyards that are formed at street level. This arrangement also helps the development to address the nearby park and surrounding greenery.

This study demonstrates how we can make a case for high-quality high-rise in an area that traditionally has low-to-medium height buildings, thanks to improved density to bring Camberwell up to the standards of the rest of the capital.