Streatham Road

A Mediating Landmark

A 5-storey building integrated with surrounding height zones is unanimously approved within a 2-storey residential area as submitted.

25 units + 4020 sqft retail
221 units/ha

Added value

3 units extra / £1.2m gdv

"It is considered that the architecture is an interesting and innovative approach to developing the unique site."

Committee Report | LB Merton


The scheme successfully resolves an urban border site, linking a low-density zone with a  high street – railway junction.

A composition of a brick base and timber clad nested volumes generates a stepped building that visually relates to the scale and proportions of the neighbouring houses.

The ground floor opens towards Streatham Road providing a retail frontage that enhances the street life of the area. The alignment of the rear gardens of the neighbouring houses is taken into the development which gives continuity to the block and generates a communal green space. The building features a series of green roofs and solar energy systems, achieving a 20% on-site energy offset.

Streatham Road