Willes Road

LB Camden
Kutner Associates Ltd
17 Willes Road | NW5 3DU
3 x 2400sqft town houses
"Thank you for your hands-on approach during planning and construction. Your well coordinated set of construction drawings really helped us to save time on site."David Kutner | Managing DirectorKutner Associates
Two is greater than three: We came to a plot on a Georgian street in a Camden conservation area that had planning permission for three town houses. From urban design analysis of the street facade pattern we discovered a 2-3-2 rhythm of duplex and triplet houses. We responded to these findings by proposing two, not three houses to reinstate the correct façade rhythm to the street.
This resulted in extra width for each house enabling them to both have basements. As a result the number of houses was reduced but the saleable area increased by 31%.The planners approved the proposal, commending it for its broader contribution to the street, and our client was pleased with the extra saleable area.